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When the snow is falling outside, you’ll be grateful to be cozy and warm inside your house. But if you don’t take care of your HVAC system now, you may find yourself not so warm and cozy.

Preparing your  heating and air conditioning system for cold weather is the best way to ensure your home will stay warm all throughout the colder months.  


Roberts Heating & Air has been taking care of our residents with our comprehensive heating service for over 28 years.

From new energy efficient installs, annual furnace maintenance or complex heating repair, we will help you fight off the cold all season long. 

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When it comes to home comfort 

we can give you peace of mind

The thought of maximum comfort in your home may seem almost impossible, but a matched heating and cooling system can help make it a reality. A matched heating and cooling system will increase your comfort by providing consistent temperatures, humidity control and increased air quality throughout your home, no matter the season. It can also help your home operate at high efficiency, saving you money on your monthly bills.

Gas Furnaces :  Adding the right gas furnace may be the deciding factor in your complete home comfort system. Matched with an air conditioner, our gas furnaces work to keep your home heated in the cold months and then properly move conditioned air to keep you cool in the warmer months for enhanced home heating and cooling. Optimize your matched system by pairing one of our gas furnaces with a heat pump to add energy-wise dual fuel capability for increased efficiency.  

Heat Pumps:  A heat pump can be used year-round to deliver both cooling and heating.  It can be paired with a compatible furnace for energy-wise dual fuel heating for enhanced temperature customization and energy savings.

Fan Coils :  The indoor portion of your split-system heat pump or air conditioner, the fan coil works to push heated or cooled air throughout your home. A fan coil custom-matched with your outdooor unit is the key to maximizing the comfort level and energy savings of your home heating and cooling system.

Ductless Systems: Need flexible heat? Ductless systems are perfect. Sometimes certain areas of your home tend to run cold while others always seem stuffy. Ductless heating is the perfect way to combat the natural temperature imbalances of your home while providing customized heating.   Ductless systems are also great for areas like sunrooms, garages, etc. 

Replace or Repair? 

Sometimes you have to decide if you want to Replace or Repair , our team can provide you options for both.  We never pressure our customers.  we provide them with the options and whatever decision they decide , we are ready to help. 


  • Heating Repair: We know you wish that every heating system could run forever without any problems, but this simply isn’t possible. We won’t leave you out in the cold when you have a heating problem. We provide prompt heating services to get your home back on track as soon as possible.

  • Heating Installation: Do you want to install a new heating system in your home? Professional installation of your heating system is imperative. Even if you have a top of the line heating system, poor installation will stunt its performance. Our team makes sure that you have the best installation services possible.  

  • We provide a Free Estimates on any installations of equipment.

No matter what type of heating system or service you need, we got you covered.  We service a number of ALL HVAC Brands

Preventive Maintenance is the best investment you can make to maximize your HVAC equipment’s performance and longevity.     Every customer who enrolls in our maintenance service program receives semiannual visits in the spring and winter preseason.  At your home, they perform a wide array of critical inspections, tests and calibrations designed to expose hidden problems and restore lost efficiency.  Regular maintenance is very important to keep your system in optimal condition and extend the life of your unit.    

Sign up for our Preventative Maintenance Program Today.   

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